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"Absolutely loved working with Charmaine. So professional throughout and completely understood what I wanted from the shoot. The turnaround was relatively fast. Very happy with the results" 

Sonia Summan - Fashion Strategists

Headshots/Model Cards

With employers wanting a good idea of the face behind the CV, a good headshot gives those viewing your profile an idea of your personality before they decide to meet you.  A smile portrays approachability and a serious looks portrays determination.  Always use the right image that shows you and where you want to be!

Headshots do not always need to look so formal, they can also be done outside at a location of your choice.  You can also have your images done at a studio in the Croydon area, or done indoors.  For the shoots done in the comfort of your home, we can use backdrops or natural light in the right area of your home; I have a vast selection of backdrops to choose from.  If you choose to have your headshots done outside, a nice park is always a good starting point.  You would be amazed just how much your personality can shine, just by standing next to a tree or walking towards the camera on a pathway.

Model/Actor Cards - If you are looking to update your modelling portfolio, you need to have the right images that will catch attention and make you stand out. I will capture your personality, emotion and make you stand out like a true model/actor.

Option One


Get 3 digital images to select from a secure weblink

One outfit only

Indoor or Outdoor

45 minute photoshoot

Additional images £29 each

Option Two


Get 6 digital images to select from a secure weblink

Two outfit only

Indoor or Outdoor

60 minute photoshoot

Additional images £29 each

Corporate Team Headshots

These images are great to show all your board members and other departmental teams in their individual team photographs.  They are also great for showing the unity your business has and this is especially good for clients to see.

Depending on the amount of individuals to be included in the photos, if there is not a big enough room, we can always move to the outside so that everyone can fit in and take in the great surroundings that may circle your offices.

During the consultation period, we will discuss everything from what you want to achieve and how you want your website to be seen by your market; whether the images will be formal/informal, locations and what you want the images to cover.  I will also use this time to run through what I will need in order for the time to be used effectively and so we can run on time.  However, not to fear, the photo sessions will never end until we have everything you need.

Corporate Lifestyle

Corporate Lifestyle images are great as they help to tell the story of your business and how you operate.  Seeing comfortable, engaging images of colleagues working together, holding meetings and showing them helping to build a great environment around the office is what you need to emphasise your website.

I know that when I was looking for work in the corporate world, I sought detail about the organisation in terms of images, how they promoted a work life balance, employee wellbeing and reading colleague testimonials of how great they felt about company operations benefiting them.  Clients like to see who and what they are going to be working with; words can only say so much, whereas imagery tells so much more!



Corporate Headshots

Whether formal or informal, corporate headshots are the best way to show representation of your business.  When potential clients view your website they use the information you have provided on your website to get a grasp of who they are meeting with and look for background information to help them in terms of their greeting, who the key figures are, and getting a feel for your business. 

In terms of images, a good website will always show key executives (Board members), business lifestyle imagery, team photography and atmospheric images that best represent your business ethic and ensures you will appeal to your chosen market.



I Only Need Headshots

Suitable for small and new businesses, where  you just want simple headshots

Up to 2 hour photo session (£100 per additional hour)

All images are included and you are free to use the imagery for your business as you wish

All images will have simple editing, sized to your requests, cropping, exposure adjustments.

Any additional editing will be done for a small fee.

£225 p/h

I Want the Full Package

Your session will be up to 4 hours (£100 per additional hour)

Great for large corporate shoots (15+ employees), team photos, lifestyle photos and atmospheric imagery.  Images taken both indoors and outdoors should you wish.

All images are included and you are free to use the imagery for your business as you wish

All images will have simple editing, sized to your requests, cropping, exposure adjustments.

Any additional editing will be done for a small fee.


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