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About Me

I am Charmaine Brown, a professional photographer qualified through the fabulous, The Photography Institute.  Photography is a real passion of mine that I have loved for many years and finally chose to turn it into a business.  The love I feel for this skill is my driving force for wanting those I take photographs of, to see just how beautiful they are.  Taking great pride in my work has rewarded me with three awards from Viewbug, for the Fall and Winter Awards 2020, and given the Top Class Badge in honour of my photography and recognitions: such an achievement to win two awards in one month in a row, then starting 2021 with another.  Do take a look at the detail of these wards on my Achievements page.

Most of us have been in that position where photos get posted up on social media that we just absolutely hate. This can make you shy away from cameras and never want a photo taken of you again. Well, I am here to change that notion.  My brand is "you can, you will and you must".  

For many years I worked as an Executive Assistant, supporting High Profile individuals.  This included working for the Prince of Wales' charity, The Prince's Foundation, where I looked after the CEO. So my  focus was to ensure his life was made easy when the Prince demanded his time.......which was every day.  Meeting and working with the Prince's staff and his Private Secretaries was totally enthralling for me, and gave me a real sense of importance and now, that importance is my Photography business.

My other passion is Formula One racing and football (watching) and also read inspirational books like "Who Stole my Cheese". A  great book that helps you find yourself again and talks about going out there and getting what you want. I am, annoyingly, still to read Michelle Obama's, Becoming.  Can't wait to read that one.

You can never stop learning and keeping up with new technology and the ever revolving world. Being surrounded by inspirational people, be that family, friends, other photographers like myself etc, is only a good thing.

Enjoy viewing my website.





Family Portraits


Wedding Engagement

Doorstep Photography

Model Cards


If the service you require is not listed above, please do get in touch.

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